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Plant-Derived Stem Cells Amaze Health Practitioners

by Kyle McCormick, M.S., I.N.F.T.C. on 01/25/16

You have heard about embryonic stem cells (ESC) in the news. Their ability to become and repair virtually any cell type has inspired great expectations. But serious issues - such as growing embryos for harvesting ESC - have encumbered embryonic stem cell research.

Adult stem cells (ASC), the stem cells present in the body after birth and in your body right now, also have the ability of  becoming virtually any cell type of the body. However, as we age the amount of ASC produced by the body decreases considerably. But there is good news. Research has produced smart plant-derived "smart" ASCs that also zero in on those body tissues that need healing. Adult Stem Cells also detect any threat to the immune system (bacteria, viruses etc.) and immediately organize defense strategies. Research indicates Adult Stem Cells help regenerate and rejuvenate the body of the ill and the healthy.

Stem Cells can - form cartilage, bone, liver, skin, digestive tract cells, participate in the generation of new neurons within the human brain, assist in the removal of retinal, muscle, and cartilage tissues, improve nerve conduction velocities, induce renewal of the pancreas and kidneys, renew cardiac tissue and improve cardiac performance, aid in the renewal of lung tissues, reduce inflammation, and more.

After taking Stem Cell for a few days I began to feel like "the little engine that could" with balanced energy and motivation throughout the day and deep, regenerative sleep each night. I'm grateful, too, for the easy mobility in my knees and younger looking, softer skin. More than ever, I feel 57 years young now. (Linda B.)

I just have to tell you that i just had a meeting o the third floor this evening and I actually walked up three flights of stairs. I showed my neighbor how I could bend my knees which I could not do a week ago. This is just amazing for me, and i haven't taken a pain killer since last Wednesday. I now wear a big smile all the time. (Andy M.)

I have practiced traditional medicine for 24 years and got involved in alternative medicine as I wanted to do more than treat symptoms. I decided to try stem cell nutrition myself. i had severe arthritis in my fingers along with diabetes. My fingers move freely now, and I have been able to stop taking diabetic medicine because my blood sugar levels have stabilized. Many scars have also disappeared.
One of my patients had a persistent leg ulcer. She was also blind in one eye and had lost 40% of her vision in the other eye. Her leg began to heal after she started taking stem cell nutrition, and her vision improved to the point where she can watch T.V. and even read.
Stem cell nutrition gives the body the raw material it needs to regenerate damaged tissue. It does not treat symptoms - it goes right to the cause. As far as I'm concerned, stem cell nutrition will change medicine as we know it. (Jim T. M.D.)

We at Unique Fitness use Goji Berry Extract for this Stem Cell Nutrition. The Goji Berry is one of the few foods to contain all 8 glyconutrients. These glyconutrients are used in the body to synthesize stem cells.   

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