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Do You Know What's In A Vaccine?

by Kyle McCormick, M.S., I.N.F.T.C. on 01/10/16

By 6 months of age, babies will have had a minimum of 45 injected vaccines - by 18 months, 64 injected vaccines - and by six years a grans total 74 injected vaccines. Not only are they unnecessary, but studies (most of which are valiantly squelched by the AMA) have shown that there is a direct link between vaccines and illnesses/disorders such as ADD/ADHD, autism,  pervasive development disorder, and SIDS among other health/wellness challenges. Neither me nor my 17 year old son has ever been vaccinated - why? Those syringes contain:

*ammonium sulfate (salt) - suspected gastrointestinal. liver, nerve,
     and respiratory system poison
*beta-propiolactone - known to cause cancer, skin and sense organ
*geneticall modified yeast, animal, bacterial, and viral DNA
*latex rubber - can cause life threatening allergic reactions
*monosodium glutamate (MSG) - mutagenic and reproductive
     effects. A neurotoxin
*aluminum - implicated as a cause of brain damage, suspected
     factor in Alzheimer's disease, dementia, seizures, and comas
*formaldehyde - poisonous if ingested, carcinogen,
     gastrointestinal, liver, immune system, nerve,  reproductive
     system, and respiratory poison, linked to leukemia, brain,
     colon, and lymphatic cancer
*micro-organisms - live and killed viruses and bacteria or their
     toxins. Do the research on the polio vaccine that was
     contaminated with a monkey virus.
*polysorbate 80 - causes cancer in animals
*tri(n) butylphosphate - suspected kidney and nerve poison
*glutaraldehyde - poisonous if ingested,  causes birth defects in
*gelatin - produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle skins,
     demineralized cattle bones and pork skins, allergic reactions
*gentamicin sulfate and polymycin B (antibiotics)
*mercury - one of the most poisonous substances known, has an
     affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow, and kidneys,
     minute amounts can cause nerve damage, implicated in autism
*phenol (2-PE) - used as antifreeze, toxic to all cells and capable of
     disabling the immune system's primary response mechanism
*human and animal cells - human cells from aborted babies, pig
     and horse blood, rabbit brain, dog, kidney, cow heart, monkey
     kidney, etc., etc., etc.

Just some food for thought. Our bodies were created with innate intelligence and the ability to heal on their own, with proper nutrition and care. Diseases "die off" on their own (plague, polio etc.) without the need for vaccinations that contain harmful substances.  

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