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We offer information, products, services, and programs on sleep-rest-recovery wellness.

Sleep-Rest-Recovery Information:
     Chapter in Unique Fitness Holistic Program Book
     Books, Booklets, Magazines, CD's, DVD's, etc,,
Sleep-Rest-Recovery Products:
     Tachyon = Sleep pad, Meditation wrap, Cocoon, 
          Ultra Cocoon, Eye mask, Eye pillow, Sleeves
          (elbows, knees, wrists, ankles, etc), Sports
          wraps, etc (all incorporating Tachyon/Zero   
          Point Energy for the next level of wellness)
     Nikken = Mattress pad, Dream comforter, Custom 
          pillow, Travel pillow, Sleep mask, etc (all 
          incorporating life enhancing and rejuvenating 
          magnetic, far infrared, and negative ion 
     Natural nutritional/herbal sleep aides = 5 HTP, 
          Melatonin, Valerian Root, Kava, Kava, St. 
          Johns Wort, Power to Sleep, etc
Sleep-Rest-Recovery Services:
          We sell all the above products, offer any 
          instructions on proper use, continued 
          education and follow-ups on all. 
Sleep-Rest-Recovery Programs:
          Invest in restorative sleep technology products
          to greatly enhance the healing benefits of 
Sleep recharges every cell in the system by enhancing our multidimensional anatomy beyond the physical body. Sleep relaxes the meridianal mpoints of entry and exit and allow natural earth energy to enter all acupuncture points and travel through the energy meridians to reach all the cells of the body for rejuvenation. The end results and benefits are endless including; neuro endocrine system balance, hormonal balance, adrenal function, immune function, mood balance, enhances personality, reduced fatigue including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and greatly reduced chronic illness and degenerative disease. 

In contrast, the lack of proper sleep will result in increased depression, irritability, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and many other chronic and degenerative disease states. 
The body secretes healing
hormones during the times between 10:00 pm and 2 am. If you are not sleeping during these hours on a fairly regular basis, you are not giving your body the opportunity to secrete these hormones that will rejuvenate, recharge, and refresh your body.
Even mild sleep disruption in children can seriously interfere with cognitive development and learning ability. 

70 million people in the United States have sleep disorders, leading to slowed metabolism, increased fat storage, weight gain, lowered immunity, and 
     more. (National Center for Sleep Disorders). 

Financial losses in the United States due to sleep deprivation/disorders total over $100 billion per year due to treatment, missed work, property 
     damage, etc (National Sleep Foundation).

Proper restorative sleep-rest-recovery includes alternating stages between non REM and REM sleep cycles. These cycles are determined by the 
     brain waves during the alternating stages with the brain being much more active during REM sleep cycles. 

For complete restorative sleep we need to complete four cycles of alternating non REM and REM sleep which takes between 6 to 8  hours for most
     people. By consistently doing this we can enjoy the numerous wellness benefits sleep provides us including those mentioned above. 

The Tachyonized Sleep Pad will soothe your body with tachyon energy and bring balance to your entire being by energizing the Subtle Organizing
     Energy Fields (SOEFs). We spend about 1/3 of our lives (2,920 hours a year) sleeping. Use this time to balance and regenerate while you are
     protected from environmental disturbances like electro-smog, geopathological patterns and spherics (frequencies generated by the weather).
     Heal while you sleep. 

Nikken Adaptive Sleep Technology = a combination of features that work together to help you sleep better, get more rest and assist the process of
     physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. Proper support, temperature regulation, relaxing/calming atmosphere, through
     magnetic technology (natural sleep environment), far infrared technology (natural temperature regulation), ionic comfort technology (negative
     ions that promote relaxation).

 The brain uses sleep to wash away the waste toxins built up during a hard day's thinking. Brain cells shrink during sleep to open up gaps
     between neurons and allow fluid to wash the brain clean. (Science Journal)

Tachyon Meditation Wrap = Pure Tachyon Pleasure. Simple but elegant, the Tachyon Meditation Wrap attracts large quantities of life 
     force (Tachyon) energy. This helps alleviate stress and has a balancing effect on your emotional well-being. The light weight material makes it a
     great traveling companion and it is perfect for use in meditation and prayer.   

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