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Sleep/Rest/Recovery Wellness - Unique Fitness
Sleep, rest, and recovery are critical aspects of the Unique Fitness Wellness Pyramid. It is only through proper sleep that the 
body has a chance to build and repair the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body. During the waking hours, weather it's 
work or recreation we are constantly breaking down many of the more than 100 billion cells that make up our body's which in 
turn create healthy tissues --> organs --> systems --> and ultimately life. Without proper sleep, rest, recovery the end result
would be disease throughout this process, ending of course in diseased life. This is a growing challenge as there are over 70 
million people in the United States that experience sleep problems with 40 million being chronic. 

Sleep recharges every cell in the system by enhancing our multidimensional anatomy beyond the physical body. Sleep relaxes the meridianal points of entry and exit and allows natural earth energy to enter all acupuncture points and travel through the energy meridians to reach all these cells for rejuvenation. The end results and benefits are endless including; neuro endocrine system balance, hormonal balance, adrenal function, immune function, mood balance, enhance personality, reduced fatigue including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and greatly reduced chronic illness and degenerative disease. 

In contrast, the lack of sleep will result in increased depression, irritability, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, increased blood pressure, type II diabetes, and many other chronic and degenerative disease states. 

Some reasons for the lack of proper sleep include; depression, anxiety, tension, medications, exercise too close to bedtime causing nocturnal hypoglycemia, eating too close to bedtime, food and drink such as chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, tea, hot cocoa alcohol, and having the T.V. on all night. As you can see, some of the reasons for the lack of sleep mimic the results of the lack of proper sleep. These challenges can be reduced/eliminated by following the Unique Fitness Sleep/Rest/Recovery Program below and incorporating other phases of the Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid.  

Proper restorative sleep, rest, recovery includes alternating stages between non REM and REM sleep cycles. These cycles are determined by the brain waves during the alternating stages with the brain being much more active during REM sleep cycles. For complete restorative sleep we need to complete 4 cycles of alternating non REM and REM sleep which takes between 6 and 8 hours for most people. By consistently doing this we can enjoy the wellness benefits above and more.   

Unique Fitness Restorative Sleep Program: 
     1) Consistent Bedtime
               Get the 6 to 8 hours needed for complete non REM and REM sleep cycles. If you need more sleep than the eight hours 
               your system may be becoming weakened. Women generally need more sleep than men to attain the complete cycles. 

               Infants and kids need more as they are still growing with rapid cellular turnover.            
                    One year old = 14 hours per day
                    Five year old = 12 hours per day

     2) The best position is lying on the back or right side. When lying on the left side the lungs, stomach, and liver press into the
          heart and can strain the heart. When lying on the stomach there is also pressure on the lungs, heart, and internal organs 
          which can produce shallow breathing habits. Lying on the stomach can also lead to neck pain due to the twisted position
          of the neck.

     3) A well ventilated and cool room with the head to the north if possible as this is the natural flow of energy of the planet. 

     4) Work to eliminate the aforementioned reasons for sleep deprivation; depression, anxiety, tension, medications, late 
          exercise, eating late, chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, tea, hot cocoa, alcohol, television.

     5) Incorporate quality high tech sleep, rest, recovery products.
                    Sleep Pad - Sooth your body with Tachyon energy and bring balance into your entire being. We spend 1/3 of our life
                         sleeping and can use this time to balance and regenerate while being protected from environmental disturbances
                         like electro-smog, geopathological patterns, and spherics (harmful frequencies generated by the weather). Heal
                         while you sleep.
The overall effect of sleeping on the Tachyonized Sleep Pad is an even, harmonious increase of all body energies, smoothly functioning regeneration work, improved metabolic efficiency, an undisturbed immersion in the deep sleep phases, a quicker processing of stress, and generally more restful sleep 
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EMF Protection

Use Tachyonized Disks for EMF Safety

Today it's possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation exposure (EMFs) emitted in your home and workplace from appliances, computers––from anything that emits electricity. Research has proven, and experts report, that, in most cases, Tachyonized tools actually resolve the EMF issue. Tachyonized disks have been sold to users and companies in over 156 countries. They are the standard worldwide.