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We offer information, products, services, and programs on nutritional supplementation. 

     Nutritional supplement information:
          Chapter in Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Program Book.
          Books, Booklets, Magazines, Handouts, CD's, DVD's, etc
     Nutritional supplementation products:
              We offer an extensive line of nutritionals to meet everyone's needs; from infants,
               babies, children, adolescents, young adults, middle age adults, and elderly. 
               These products cover the full spectrum of our nutritional needs including - 
               Foundationals = multi vitamin & mineral products, giving the body a solid 
               nutritional foundation. Adaptogens = restore balance to all cells, tissues, 
               organs, and systems of the body for optimal functioning. Targeted = for those 
               with specific health/wellness challenges, there is a targeted formula to greatly 
               benefit. Specialty = for those occasional health issues, your holistic medicine 
               chest for true healing. 
     Nutritional supplementation services:
              We sell an extensive line of nutritionals, provide information, instructions,  
               consultations, follow-ups, continuing education, design individual programs for
               various health, wellness, fitness, and/or performance goals, and more.
     Nutritional supplementation program:

U.S. Senate Document #264 of the 74th congress session stated, "Soils are mineral deficient, the only way to get sufficient mineral intake is through mineral supplementation." (This was written in 1936).

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) - In 1994 congress unanimously passed DSHEA, stating that there is a definite link between taking dietary supplements and disease prevention. 

Over a five year period, appropriate use of dietary supplements would improve the health of countless individuals and save the nation more than $24 billion in health care costs. The individual savings would be staggering, at least $1700.00 per year for every man, woman, and child in the United States (Dietary Supplement Education Alliance, DSEA) 
The Unique Fitness Nutritional Supplement Pyramid
     For acute/occasional health issues 
     (illness, injury, performance, etc). 
     Used short term/periodically until 
     the issue is resolved. This is your 
     holistic medicine chest for true 
     Those with specific health/wellness
     challenges need to incorporate the
     targeted phase. Targeted nutritionals
     are specific formulations of vitamins,
     minerals, amino acids, essential fatty
     acids, phytonutrients, herbs, 
     glyconutrients, nutraceuticals, etc
     that will target specific health 
     challenges. Whatever the health, 
     wellness, fitness, or performance
     issue may be, there is a targeted 
     formula to greatly benefit any such 
     Everyone also needs this phase. 
     Adaptogens work to restore your 
     vitality and normal functioning 
     despite internal and external stress 
     factors. Just as the foundational 
     products allow the adaptogens to 
     function more efficiently, adaptogens
     in turn enhance the effectiveness of
     the foundationals. Adaptogens will 
     restore, nourish, and support 
     individual organs or the entire body
     and greatly help to adapt to stresses
     (physical, environmental, emotional).
     Adaptogens restore balance and 
     homeostasis to the cells, tissues, 
     organs, and systems and returns them 
     to a condition of optimal function, 
     health, and wellness. 
     Everyone needs this phase. Just like
     building a house, this gives your body a
     solid base to build upon. A good 
     foundational product will allow the 
     adaptogens and targeted products to 
     perform their duties much more 
     efficiently. Foundational products will
     provide a wide variety of the needed 
     vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino 
     acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, 
     beneficial flora, etc to give the body 
     materials to "build" healthy cells,  
     tissues, organs, systems, and ultimately
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