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We offer information, products, services, and programs on holistic/self evaluations

Holistic/Self Evaluation Information:
     Chapter in Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Program Book, (including over 25 simple self tests).
     Books, Booklets, Magazines, Handouts, CD's, DVD's, etc

Holistic/Self Evaluation Products:
     Bio-Magnetic Health Analyzer = The future in whole health analysis. Know your health status in minutes. A very comprehensive 
          analysis of every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body. Reports on nutrient levels, allergens, bone mineral density, heavy
          metals, blood sugar, blood lipids, human toxin, energy meridians, cardiovascular health, and many more, (over 35 total reports
     Digital Tru-Tester = The next generation in muscle testing. Guarantee product/program compatibility for your optimal wellness. 
     Health Fit Counter = Electronically track nutrient intake with your optimal health/wellness figures. Log exercise/activity and more.
     Micro-Fit Health/Fitness Assessment System = Monitor wellness parameters, determine if your program is working.
     Sella Breast Care and Detector = Don't fight breast cancer, prevent it.
     45 Question Questionnaire = Determine current wellness status and design program to match. 
     Acid/Alkaline Test = pH paper for a quick check of your acid/alkaline status. 
     Thermal Camera Imaging = Determine where blood and nutrient flow may be deficient. Also helps determine how treatments are 
          working in activating the healing process.
     Iriscope = Evaluate actual medical conditions or future disorders that may appear through the pigmentation of the iris or  
          abnormalities in eye pigmentation.
     Body Metrix Ultrasound Body Composition Tester = The ultimate in true body composition analysis. The Body Metrix Ultrasound
          Body Composition Tester also is able to track lean body mass improvements for those interested in muscular and performance 

Holistic/Self Evaluation Services: 
     We use all the above evaluation products to determine your current health, wellness, fitness, and/or performance parameters. 

Holistic/Self Evaluation Programs:
     We use the results from the above evaluations to design an individual program for the unique you to enhance your health, wellness, 
          fitness, and/or performance. 

pH readings = Saliva 7.0 and below indicates low on minerals, saliva should be 7.2 or above as the closer you get to 7.0 and below 
     the more illness you will encounter. Urine (first morning urine) should be 6.2 to 6.8, if over 7.0 this indicates low tissue oxygen
     as the urine should be on the acidic side for adequate tissue oxygen.
Frequent urination = may indicate toxic kidneys
Bloating = retaining water as body in a state of toxic overload, retaining water to help dilute toxins
Challenges on one side of the body (eye, ear, etc) = blocked energy field
Bone spurs = net loss of minerals, pulling form bones to help in balancing the body pH then deposits in the joints. 
Craving for eggs and/or garlic smelling breath = may indicate a selenium deficiency
Sleepy after eating = decreased hydrochloric acid (HCL) or food allergy
Thinning hair = adrenal burnout
Iodine deficiency test = Get a cotton swab and 2 percent tincture of iodine. Dip the swab in the iodine and paint a silver dollar sized
     patch on the abdomen or thigh leaving a brownish stain, let dry before covering with clothes. Check stain frequently, if stain 
     remains visible for at least 24 hours, this is a sign of a well functioning thyroid gland. If the stain disappears in less than 24
     hours, your body is deficient in iodine. Repaint another silver dollar sized area as soon as you notice the initial one has 
     disappeared. Continue applying iodine until the stain is still viable after 24 hours. For severe iodine deficiency this may take
     weeks. In addition, eat foods that are high in iodine and take a high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement. 

Bio-Magnetic Analyzer
No more guess work. The future of whole health analysis has arrived with non-invasive testing at the cellular level. Know your health status in minutes. 
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