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We offer information, products, services, and programs on indoor environment wellness.

Indoor Environment Information:
     Chapter in Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Program Book
     Books, Booklets, Magazines, Handouts, CD's, DVD's, etc,,,  

Indoor Environment Products:
     Tachyonized Silica Disks - placed on breaker/fuse box for EMF protection
     Tachyonized Cube - placed on computer, appliances, car battery cables, etc for EMF protection
     Tachyonized Phone Micro Disks - placed on cell phones for mobile EMF protection
     Tachyonized Star Dust - mix with paint to create an environment that defies the negative EMF effects in home, 
          office, etc
     Tachyonized Sun Spots - cut from high quality quartz crystals, sun spots are excellent for rooms where clarity is
     Tachyonized Star Gates - brings the neo-field energy into the entire space, an ultra device for sacred spaces
     Kenko Air Purifier - featuring Ultra Low Penetration Air Flow (UPLA) technology, a breakthrough in air filtration
          that is significantly more effective and efficient than even HEPA technology
     Kenko Light - the benefits of sunlight without the negative exposure, a natural balance of wavelengths for 
          indoors anytime
     And More

Indoor Environment Services :
     We sell all the above products, offer any instructions on proper use, offer continuing education and follow-ups 
          on all

Indoor Environment Programs:
     Invest in high quality products to protect your indoor environment and convert it into a healing oasis
     Design/placement for efficient energy flow throughout living/work space

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