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Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles. Dr. Ulrich Warnke, M.D. -  
     Magnets To Overcome Pain - A New Healing Method

In search for a universal cure all, none fits the description nearly as well as magnetic energy therapy. The application of magnets provides proven
     pain relief in seven out of ten users, as good or better than "orthodox medicine." - Ken Wiancko, M.D. - Health Naturally, April 1995

According to Dr. C. Samuel West, chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist, trapped blood proteins are the one common denominator in
     all pain and disease. The magnetic field does not heal; it merely aids the cells in creating an optimum environment in which the body can begin  
     to heal itself. Between the circulatory, lymphatic, and neurological effects, outstanding advances in health can be obtained. 

What makes a walk through the forest, or beside a waterfall, feel so soothing and relaxing? The answer is negative ions. In the open air of these
     places, negative ions occur naturally. Beyond this, negative ions provide numerous wellness benefits including; stabilize brain function, recovery
     from physical exhaustion and fatigue, due to increasing oxygen levels in the blood, promote cell rejuvenation by revitalizing cell metabolism,  
     enhance vitality of muscle tissue and strengthen internal organs, help restore healthy pH balance to the blood, strengthen immune system, 
     balance autonomic nervous system, and more.  

Tachyonized Chakra Balancing Kit - an exceptional tool for unifying body, soul, and spirit. For true balance, our physical, mental, emotional, and 
     spiritual energies must ultimately all work together. As you use this kit you will probably experience many different levels of awareness as you
     become more balanced. Please honor and enjoy these experiences. 

Tachyonized biological nutrients can directly influence a specific organ or system with the rejuvenating and balancing effects of tachyon energy. 

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