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Utilizing Nature's Innate Qualities & Universal Excellence


Unique Fitness Mission Statement

Unique Fitness is dedicated to providing you with the best holistic health, wellness, fitness, and performance information, products, services, and programs available through our Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid to maximize your opportunity to achieve your goals.
Unique Fitness Vision Statement

To continue to teach and educate all humanity on the value of a holistic wellness lifestyle while embracing the potential of the human body, soul, and spirit to be well through UNIQUE ways  

Utilizing Nature's Innate Qualities & Universal Excellence
We as citizens of the United States and around the world, need to take responsibility for our own health, wellness, fitness, and performance. If the following areas of health/wellness are not emphasized, encouraged, and implemented by your primary health care provider, you need to ask yourself - "Am I being provided health care or sick care?" 

Spiritual / Nutrition / Sleep-Rest-Recovery / Holistic Evaluations / Nutritional Supplementation / Exercise-Activity / Personal Care-Hygiene / Environment Indoor / Environment Outdoor / Energy Medicine 

These are the areas emphasized, encouraged, and implemented in the Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid.
​Although many may not think so, everyone is interested in wellness. Over the years I've seen many, many people neglect their health, thinking they are invincible, until a wellness challenge develops. They then wonder why they feel so lousy or are in a battle for their lives and begin to take the whole wellness concept seriously. Although it is never to late to implement the life enhancing and giving phases of the Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Pyramid, for miraculous wellness recoveries, it is far easier to prevent these problems in the first place.   

An important point here is that we are grateful for the emergency medical programs and protocols we are blessed with. This is what our "health" care system was designed for, to keep us alive and stabilize us in these emergency situations. After this initial care, they have no real answers and we need to turn to the above areas for true and comprehensive health, wellness, fitness, and performance. 
Kyle believes that life and wellness are journeys, not destinations. The Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid is merely a continuation of this journey. This journey began early in life through grade school, junior high, high school, and college athletics, which set the stage for a lifetime of interest within the disciplines of health, wellness, fitness, and performance. 

Kyle firmly believes that you have to practice what you preach while becoming a living role model to earn the respect and trust of everyone seeking to join in on the journey. Kyle does this by following the Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid.

Kyle has developed an unshakable desire, belief, passion, and believes it is his calling to continue this wellness journey and has many years (30+) of formal and informal education within such diverse disciplines as exercise science/wellness, holistic nutrition, herbology, subtle energy wellness, bodywork, traditional naturopathy, athletic training, teacher education, iridology, applied kinesiology, therapeutic nutrition, spirituality/Christianity, and more. The Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid was developed from this education. 
Kingdom College of Natural Health.
     Energy Balance Therapist 
     Certification, (currently) 
Advanced Tachyon Technologies 
     International / University of 
     Integrated Science California. 
     Tachyon Holistic Wellness
     Practitioner, August 2015
Clayton College of Natural Health.
     Master of Science in Holistic  
     Nutrition, March 2011
Nikken, Inc., Humans Being More - Self
     Actualization Training & 
     Certification, April 1997 & 1998
International Correspondence Schools.
     Fitness & Nutrition Certification, 
     April 1994
Sports Telesis, Inc., Individual Nutrition
     & Fitness Technology Certification,
     August 1994
Great Plains Regional Medical Center.
     Exercise Science & Wellness 
     Internship, June 1993
Wayne State College. Bachelor of 
     Science in Exercise Science & 
     Wellness - Athletic Training, May 
National Association for Sport & 
     Physical Education. Outstanding  
     Physical Education Major, May 1991
Wayne State College. Bachelor of Arts 
     in K - 12 Health & Physical Education
     - Coaching Endorsement, May 1991 

Kyle worked as a certified nutrition and fitness consultant for Gold's Gym before developing the Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Guideline Pyramid. Since early 1994 he has pursued the potential of the human body/soul/spirit to be well through UNIQUE ways >> Utilizing Nature's Innate Qualities & Universal Excellence.

Kyle also firmly believes in continually educating oneself and staying current with the latest developments in the health, wellness, fitness, and performance disciplines. Advanced Tachyon Technologies International and The Kingdom College of Natural Health provide this cutting edge education.


If you think you are beaten - You are
If you think you dare not - You don't
If you'd like to win but think you can't - It's almost a cinch you won't

If you think you'll lose - Your lost
For out in the world we find success begins with a fellows will
It's all in the state of mind

if you think you're outclassed - You are
You've got to think high to rise
You've got to hustle before you ever win a prize
Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man
But sooner or later - The one who wins is the man who thinks he can
About Us - Unique Fitness
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