Exercise-Activity = We offer information, products, services and programs on exercise-activity. 

     *If the benefits of exercise could be put in a pill, we would have the most powerful health promoting medication available. 
     *Brain scans of people over the age of fifty-five shows regular exercise helps significantly reduce loss of brain tissue.
     *Only 9 minutes of walking per day cuts a women's heart attack risks in 1/2. This is true even for women who smoked, were obese and/or had
          high blood pressure.  

     Exercise-Activity Information:
          *Chapter in Unique Fitness Holistic Wellness Program Book
          *Books, Booklets, Magazines, Handouts, CD's, DVD's, etc.

     Exercise-Activity Products:
          *Myfitnesspal = app to help track/log workouts, nutrition and more
          *Full line of cardio and resistance (free weight and machines) exercise equipment. Kids equipment, circuit training, jump ropes, balance
               boards, plyometric boxes, foam rollers, and more. 

     Exercise-Activity Services:
          *Individual exercise-activity programs matching your wellness goals
          *Rehabilitation programs from injury, surgery, health challenges, etc.
          *Personal training - certified trainers
          *Group exercise cl
          *Boot camps - all ages and fitness levels
          *High school/college combines - athlete testing etc.
          *Various UNIQUE challenges/events

     Exercise-Activity Programs:
          *Based on individual health, wellness, fitness and performance goals and baseline evaluations.
          *Incorporates some or all of the following
               Warm-up/Stretch = prepare the body for exercise-activity
               Strength/Anaerobic = enhance muscle tone, endurance, strength, size, power, mass, through increased lean tissue.
               Aerobic/Cardio = enhance the cardiovascular system and maximize fat burning as the main fuel source. 
               Cool Down = return the body to pre-exercise metabolic state to help flush exercise metabolites and minimize soreness
          Designed around the FITT principle
               F = Frequency, the number of days per week you can exercise
               I = Intensity, how hard you want to exercise - increasing as fitness levels improve. 
               T = Time, the length of each exercise session
               T = Type, the actual activities included in the program. 

     *Harvard School of Public Health = active men are 50% to 60% less likely to suffer from Parkinson's
     *Sedentary women ages 75 to 80 who exercise 3 times per week for  six weeks average a 65% increase in strength.
     *National Institutes of Health = moderate physical activity such as walking, biking etc. could saves the lives of more than 150,000 people
          each year. 
     *Menopause = exercise decreases the frequency and severity of hot flashes. With only 3 1/2  hours of exercise per week menopausal women
          needed no additional hormone replacement therapy.
     *Aerobic activity improves brain's frontal lobe function. The frontal lobe is the brains executive control, complex reasoning, planning and
          memory center. 
     *More efficient heart = this helps decrease the resting heart rate. If your resting heart rate is 72 beats per minute = 4,320 beats per hour =
          103,680 beats per day. If your resting heart rate improves to 65 beats per minute = 3,900 beats per hour = 93,600 beats per day. If your
          resting heart rate improves to 60 beats per minute = 3,600 beats per hour = 86,400 beats per day . This can save you 13,000 to 17,000
          beats each day, all while improving efficiency. If you save 15,000 beats per day, you would save 5,475,000 beats of your heart in one
     *Childhood obesity is due more to inactivity than to overeating - 80 to 85 percent of adult obesity begins in childhood. 
     *By sustaining your heart rate within your target heart rate zone throughout your aerobic activity, you will accomplish two health/fitness
          goals. You will burn adipose (fat) cells more efficiently while improving your aerobic/cardiovascular system/conditioning quicker. For
          optimal results, perform intervals between your lower and higher target zones throughout the aerobic activity.
     *Enhance mood = exercise releases endorphins and cannabinoids while helping balance the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.
          Endorphins are opiate like brain chemicals which evoke feeling of pleasure and cannabinoids balance the endocannabinoid system
          providing a myriad of wellness benefits.